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The Saint Athanasios Sunday School program begins with Preschool (age 3), and continues through Senior year of High School. This important education occurs by working in partnership with our Parish families during this 15 year journey. We strive to reach our children’s minds and hearts offering theological and practical education about our Faith, and also leading their hearts to the love of Christ by teaching and example.

Our ultimate goal is to lead them to love Christ, His Church, and each other, so that our Faith becomes a real and foundational component of their everyday lives.



Our Bible Study ministry seeks to deepen the study of Holy Scripture, guided by the wisdom and insight of the Holy Orthodox Christian Faith, for the spiritual health and growth of all who participate. The study is guided by Fr. Panagiotis, and meets Date/Time. Participation is open to all, including those who are not members of Saint Athanasios, and also those who are not Orthodox Christians. No preparation is needed, and no homework is required. We use the Orthodox Study Bible, but if you do not have your own copy, we have copies that can be used in class.


Deepening our knowledge of and about Christ, the Holy Trinity, and the traditions of the Orthodox Church is an unending journey of discovery. Discover Orthodoxy is the umbrella under which all of our religious education opportunities fall. These educational opportunities include a practical introduction class for those seeking to learn the theology of the Orthodox Church in a digestible way. This class is open for all adults, Orthodox and non Orthodox alike. This class also is a requirement for those seeking to embrace Orthodoxy as their religion. For those looking to deepen their understanding of the Scriptures, a Bible Study is offered with in depth focus on the writings, history, and interpretation of the word of God. Lastly we also host discussions on diverse topics of faith from contemporary issues, lives of the saints, special topics with varied frequency and guest lecturers.



The Saint Athanasios Bookstore is dedicated to providing the Orthodox Christian community with religious reading materials, icons, artwork, religious music and sacramental, devotional and inspirational products. Special orders are available.

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